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Carbon Neutral Port Brings Green Hydrogen Production to Maritime Shipping

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Den Helder Goes Carbon Neutral With Green Hydrogen Filling Station

The Climate Technologies and Innovations in Transport (DKTI) was launched by the Dutch government to help achieve a 49% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The Port of Den Helder—along with ENGIE, Damen Shipyards and other parties—were awarded a DKTI subsidy to develop a hydrogen filling station for maritime and road transport in the region.

Green Logistics Done Right

ENGIE has a demonstrated history in green logistics projects. So when the Den Helder project team reached out to collaborate, we were quick to bring our expertise to the table. We worked alongside the Den Helder team to define, size, and optimize their hydrogen supply chain (LCOH) and support the scale-up project financial valuation.

Two hydrogen filling points will be produced in Den Helder—one accommodating vehicles and trucks in Kooyhaven, and one for hydrogen-powered ships along the Noordhollandsch Kanaal.

The green hydrogen is produced on location by electrolysis and is then stored and made available for shipping, freight traffic and passenger transport. ENGIE is developing a 2.6MWp solar park to feed the electrolyser. The expected maximum capacity will be around 400 kg of green hydrogen. The entire value chain is involved in this green logistics project, making it unique.

In addition to the hydrogen filling points, ENGIE is also working with Damen Shipyards to build a green hydrogen-powered vessel to be used by the Port of Den Helder and others. The project’s goal is to have the solar park, electrolyser and station fully operational in 2021.

Outcomes of a Carbon Neutral Port

Den Helder’s carbon-neutral transition to green electricity and green hydrogen will lead to substantial savings.


energy purchase savings in 2021


savings on energy tax and storage of sustainable energy (ODE)


solar park feeding 2 hydrogen filling points

Den Helder’s green hydrogen transition will play an important role in driving emission-free shipping throughout the Wadden Sea. The ENGIE-supported project serves as an early step in green hydrogen ambitions for the region. Over time, Den Helder hopes to influence other maritime players such as the Royal Navy to become more sustainable.

gradient-quote These initiatives are welcomed by our customers, who are looking for ways to minimize their CO2 footprint, and by local residents since quayside electricity leads to significantly less noise and particulate matter emissions. gradient-quote-right
Kees Turnhout, Head of Infrastructure & Space, Port of Den Helder

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