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Energy Management Solutions

As global sustainability management trends evolve, there’s a renewed focus on energy management and its role in decarbonization.

Constantly changing variables—such as weather, technology, operations, and employee behavior—can have a major impact on the effectiveness of energy management programs. Without the right data, analytics, software and expertise, many companies struggle to devise and implement holistic energy management programs, resulting in lower savings, suboptimal energy performance, and higher carbon emissions.

What is Energy Management?

Why Is Energy Management Important?

According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), energy accounts for over 70% of all global GHG emissions. So, before considering alternative or renewable energy sources, which often come at a premium, organizations must first reduce their demand-side consumption. To maximize long-term energy savings, align company leaders, departments, and employees through robust engagement activities to plan a holistic, transformative strategy rather than siloed projects.

In the earliest tactical stage, organizations create a business case around energy efficiency, analyzing consumption and spend data to uncover outliers and build a plan for targeted energy management solutions, procurement criteria, and behavioral changes. As strategic energy management becomes part of the organizational culture and organizations realize savings from early projects, companies can expand their efforts to increase energy savings across their portfolio and reduce carbon emissions. Once organizations have well-established energy management practices, they will be positioned to take a closer look at their value chain and integrate renewable energy solutions into their energy portfolio.

Digital Energy Management Analytics & Software

From remote audits to near real-time visibility into energy performance, to tracking against KPIs, ENGIE Impact’s digital analytics and software tools make energy management programs more successful. Certified energy managers expertly leverage these toolsets to uncover insights as part of tailored energy management programs:

Benefits of ENGIE Impact’s Energy Management Solutions

ENGIE Impact’s certified energy managers serve as an extension of an organization's in-house team to build and execute a framework to reduce energy cost and consumption across a portfolio – from site audits and data analytics to program design and project coordination – and drive savings back to the bottom line.

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