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ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

The EPA ENERGY STAR® Program allows organizations to compare individual buildings to others in their portfolio or to similar buildings nationwide. ENGIE Impact’s electronic data feed transfers portfolio data to ENERGY STAR’S Portfolio Manager, eliminating the manual data load process and protecting data integrity. ENGIE Impact offers three ENERGY STAR related services to support energy efficiency initiatives: ENERGY STAR Benchmarking, ENERGY STAR Certification, and Regulatory Reporting (using ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager®).

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

ENGIE Impact benchmarks over 70,000 buildings through ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager each month – more than any other service provider.

ENGIE Impact automates the benchmarking process and eliminates the potential for human error. Using the audited data collected during Utility Bill Processing and Analysis, we provide a direct data feed to ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager to obtain benchmark ratings for all your qualifying facilities. Key deliverables include the following:

ENERGY STAR Certification

ENERGY STAR is a highly recognizable brand nationwide. 80 percent of the U.S. public recognizes the ENERGY STAR as a symbol for energy efficiency – and that recognition is growing each year.

Earn the label and get recognized. Once you have benchmarked your facilities, those that have earned a rating of 75 or greater from ENERGY STAR are applicable for certification. Once the rating is confirmed, an onsite inspection is conducted in order to verify that the property meets qualification criteria. The application is then signed by a Professional Engineer and the certification is formally submitted to the EPA for review.

ENGIE Impact’s ENERGY STAR Certification service assists companies throughout the application process, verifying and completing the applications on their behalf. This includes completion of all required information and forms, as well as addressing any post-application issues. If sites have not achieved a rating of 75 or greater, an ENGIE Impact Energy Manager, available separately through our Energy Manager Service, can help recommend activities to raise the score.

Regulatory Reporting

ENGIE Impact has delivered close to 90 percent of the automated ENERGY STAR ratings issued by the EPA since the creation of the automated services in 2004.

Many municipalities have passed legislation mandating annual energy and water consumption reporting. Starting with New York City in 2010, many others have followed, including Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia. These cities now require, or will soon require, ENERGY STAR benchmarking and reporting. However, specific requirements vary by municipality and apply only to buildings that meet those requirements.

ENGIE Impact can support multi-site companies in complying with these reporting areas through an electronic data feed, which seamlessly transfers portfolio data to ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager, eliminating the manual data load process and protecting data integrity. For commercial buildings that lease space to tenants, ENGIE Impact can help manage the data collection and reporting process.

Regulatory Reporting also provides an opportunity for benchmarking, which brings visibility into site performance. This visibility enables organizations to target specific sites for further review, including those that can benefit from efficiency improvements or best practice recommendations.


ENERGY STAR, a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), promotes the environmental and economic benefits of energy efficient products and practices. ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager tool captures cost and consumption information from a given building’s utility bills. Using this information, ENERGY STAR then measures the performance of a building against the national average for similar building types. Depending on the main function of a building, ENERGY STAR uses the appropriate algorithm to apply a rating from zero to one hundred.

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