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Measurement underpins every successful sustainability strategy. Whether the goal is to measure energy and water intensity, waste volume and diversion, or custom units of measure like emissions per widget produced, ENGIE Impact’s suite of advanced data management and analytics tools offer the flexibility to define and track against the metrics that align with an organization’s unique goals and initiatives. With bill data, interval data, market data, financial data and facility attribute data, ENGIE Impact ensures organizations have access to all the information needed to effectively analyze performance.

What is Data Management?

Why is Data Management Important?

Companies face increasing pressure to reduce energy, water, and waste costs and consumption. Collecting and aggregating data from disparate sources and formats across a company’s footprint is a daunting challenge. And data alone is not enough. A strong sustainability data management strategy is needed to prioritize projects, measure the performance of all locations, and report to stakeholders internally and externally.

ENGIE Impact’s Data Management & Analytics Solution

ENGIE Impact combines technology with expertise to provide advanced analytics and robust resource data – helping organizations optimize resource productivity across energy, water, waste and carbon. With the invaluable insights generated by this analysis, organizations will be able to improve budget certainty, evaluate supply-side adjustments, identify demand-side actions, and monitor project performance to track and report progress toward their goals.


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