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Utility as a Service

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Decarbonizing on-site utilities is essential for organizations looking to move toward a zero-carbon future, and even more so for organizations that own or produce energy with large, energy-intensive assets.

Traditionally, organizations carry a bulk of the financial and operational burden when shifting to a less carbon-intensive utility production method. They often must choose between outsourcing the assets needed at a lower CAPEX but higher disruption to their production process or owning and operating their own assets for increased control but at a much higher cost.

The challenges of building a strategy that provides a solution for decarbonizing heavy utility production that also keeps CAPEX investment in mind can prevent the implementation from happening at speed and scale.

What is Utility as a Service (UaaS)?

Why is Utility as a Service Important?

Implementing the UaaS program drives CO2 emissions reduction through reliable integrated utility services design, increased compliance with regulations, and zero CAPEX. Through its innovative structure, the UaaS program helps organizations overcome common barriers to executing their climate goals.

ENGIE Impact’s Utility as a Service Program

ENGIE Impact offers Utility as a Service as a package that provides risk management, assumption of effort and additional safety and guarantees. The assets built for this offering are tailormade from planning through operation and therefore more efficient than other models of on-site utility management.

How We Can Help

ENGIE Impact provides a strategic plan for implementation, manages the build and execution of the project, and takes ownership of all operations and maintenance. This shift of responsibility allows organizations to meet decarbonization goals by focusing on their core business and outsourcing utility generation risks.

Analysis, Design & Financing

We start with an assessment of your utility needs and identify the best technical solutions and levers to reduce your carbon emissions. Once the business model is validated, we engage the detailed feasibility studies and define the performance commitments. In addition, we look at local subsidies that can help with the economics of the solution.

Procurement, Construction & Commissioning

When the final investment decision is made, we undertake the entire project execution from procurement to construction, including the commissioning of the installations.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Guaranteed Success

We supply net energy, take care of the O&M of the equipment, and monitor the system function and operational performance. We ensure the application of the agreed contract terms.

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