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Energy Rates Monitoring & Optimization

Large or small, businesses cannot operate without energy for heating and cooling, lighting, and running equipment—so it's no surprise that energy is one of the top three largest commercial business expenditures. However, energy is a controllable cost, and it begins with securing the best energy rates combined with more efficient energy use through energy rates monitoring and optimization.

In regulated markets, large business energy users can optimize tariff options or take advantage of different time of use (TOU) rates, demand generation programs or energy efficiency rebates. With so many locations, vendors, suppliers, and market fluctuations, monitoring energy rates to optimize energy spend is a daunting challenge for even the most seasoned energy manager.

Why Monitor Energy Rates?

Compare Energy Prices To Optimize Energy Spending

In regulated energy markets, businesses can structure natural gas and electric rate options to help meet cost reduction targets. Comparing energy prices can help businesses optimize energy spend by ensuring they are taking advantage of every savings opportunity.

Understand Energy Risk Tolerance

Every company has different goals for energy cost savings, which they must balance with customer and stakeholder expectations around sustainability and reliability. This ‘formula’ establishes risk tolerance to protect a business from market fluctuations in regulated markets and optimize their energy procurement strategy.

Energy Market Intelligence & Resources

Managing energy spend across multiple markets relies heavily on understanding corporate risk tolerance and balancing needs for budget certainty and cost reduction in the face of volatile energy markets. Keeping up with fast-moving markets requires close energy market analysis to capture opportunities and minimize risks.

Access daily updates on energy market trends in North America and Europe.

ENGIE Impact's Energy Rates Monitoring & Optimization Service

Our comprehensive Energy Rates Monitoring & Optimization service evaluates and recommends regulated rate alternatives on a site-by-site basis. Comparing actual utilization against proprietary energy models results in the best choices in regulated rate plans so clients can reduce costs on an ongoing basis. With client permission, our team makes the change requests to utility providers and provides savings and progress reporting for a clear view of program results.

A successful energy procurement strategy cannot follow a linear process, but instead must be optimized over time. Our energy procurement advisers constantly monitor energy markets and identify and evaluate new opportunities to improve clients' programs.

Services Include:

We give organizations the right level of actionable detail to proactively and cost-effectively manage the terms of energy contracts, resulting in reduced budget volatility, better cost-saving opportunities, and a more disciplined approach to energy supply management.


We feel confident knowing that ENGIE Impact’s team of sourcing experts will bring opportunities to us and that the recommendations they are making are helping us to reduce costs and minimize risk.

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