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Energy Rebate Management Services

Billions in energy efficiency incentives, commonly referred to as energy rebates, are currently available nationwide. Encouraging companies to begin or to continue implementing energy efficiency measures directly responds to grid congestion, electric supply reliability and environmental issues. ENGIE Impact’s Energy Rebate Management Services helps clients gain access to these financial incentives, driving both immediate and long-term savings.

Our Energy Rebate Management Services are designed for multi-site companies and organizations looking to offset the significant investment costs associated with energy-efficient capital improvement projects. Because the process of applying for and receiving funds can be cumbersome and time-intensive, ENGIE Impact provides the following phased approach to systematically identify available financial incentives across a portfolio:

This consultative approach helps integrate a rebate solution into an organization's overall strategy, and they are guided from the start of the investment planning process to support their capital improvement strategy.

ENGIE Impact will identify, file and obtain utility rebate and incentive monies in support of, and consistent with, clients’ financial goals. This turnkey program can be customized for each client’s specific needs.

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