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Portfolio Benchmarking

Developing and implementing comprehensive energy efficiency programs is a challenging task for those managing diverse, multi-site facility portfolios. Organizations are challenged to account for the impact of variables like facility size, weather and occupancy behavior, but often have disparate data sets and disjointed reporting tools. Portfolio Benchmarking from ENGIE Impact was created to empower users of the ENGIE Impact Data Management Platform to manipulate and analyze facilities' portfolio data in a way that offers insight into consumption, relative site performance and cost drivers.

Complete, Accessible Data All In One Platform

With the proliferation of consumption and data-capturing technologies comes the critical need for data aggregation, analytics and visualization tools. Portfolio Benchmarking from ENGIE Impact pulls cross-portfolio historical and current data into one Platform, making it easy not just to view data trends, but to customize reporting in a way that gives greater control over how data is presented and reported.

Portfolio Benchmarking Users Can Customize Reports To:

Tailored Insights

Portfolio Benchmarking joins existing analytics tools on ENGIE Impact’s Platform – all designed to arm organizations with greater flexibility and control of how they organize, view and communicate facilities data.

Adjustable views allow companies to:

Intuitive interface for better investigation and internal communication

Data is only as powerful as the insights gleaned from it and the action taken from those insights. Portfolio Benchmarking offers clear, graphical reporting that visually represents cost drivers, trends, and regional anomalies in a way that enables more productive stakeholder communication and impactful, data-driven action.

Portfolio Benchmarking allows flexibility in how data is visualized and offers:

One platform, dynamic reporting, infinite insight

ENGIE Impact provides one comprehensive platform that delivers the foundational data and dynamic reporting to identify the impacts of energy programs and prioritize energy management projects to drive meaningful results across a facility portfolio.

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