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Utility Expense Management

One of the most challenging tasks for the AP departments of multi-site organizations is utility expense management. Thousands of disparate invoices are received each month from hundreds of vendors, and there’s more to these complex payables than just simply paying the amount due. Having the right process in place to proactively audit and analyze each invoice can uncover significant savings, but it is labor-intensive and somewhat outside the scope of most AP departments.

What is Utility Expense Management?

Utility Expense Management is the process of tracking an organization’s utility expenses, conducting comprehensive bill audits before processing, rectifying bill errors, and ensuring the correct amount is paid on time. Collecting, analyzing, and tracking cost and consumption data is also a critical step to uncovering areas for improvement that can reduce energy and water consumption and save your company money.

ENGIE Impact’s Utility Bill Management Software

Utility expense management processes and automated software can help AP departments manage complex payables. ENGIE Impact uses highly automated processes on behalf of clients to collect and analyze utility bill data and compare it to the account history to identify savings opportunities. The data that ENGIE Impact collects from utility bills is then delivered through the Data Management Platform. This powerful resource management tool unites resource data to deliver powerful insights for reducing cost and consumption across an entire portfolio.

Benefits of Utility Expense Management

Designed for multi-site enterprises, comprehensive analysis and detailed data capture maximize savings and visibility.

Save Money

Simplify Utility Bill Audit and Payment Process

Gain Valuable Data and Strategic Insights Through a Single Platform

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