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Waste Management

ENGIE Impact delivers costs savings, improved environmental impact, and total transparency to multi-site businesses through comprehensive, total waste management solutions. Multiple service offerings work symbiotically, allowing commercial businesses to control the cost and environmental impact associated with their waste stream: managing vendors, gaining greater visibility into enterprise-wide waste costs, responding to stakeholder demands for greater mitigation of environmental impact, and more – all with the convenience of a single contract. From organizing waste audits to managing vendors to developing a comprehensive waste reduction plan, ENGIE Impact experts support organizations every step of the way.

Waste Expense & Data Management

Waste Expense & Data Management provides a fully-outsourced waste expense management solution with detailed data capture, robust reporting, and best-in-class analysis capabilities. ENGIE Impact leverages decades of experience processing millions of utility bills to ensure that waste vendors are paid accurately while relieving the administrative burden on internal teams.

Waste Service Management

Managing waste services across a multi-site portfolio can be complex and time-consuming. ENGIE Impact ensures that data is captured and available for reporting, vendors are held accountable, and business sites have a single point of contact for all of their waste management needs.

Waste Procurement

ENGIE Impact delivers comprehensive waste hauler contracting that results in cost savings and favorable vendor relationships. As an independent third party, ENGIE Impact works for clients, not the haulers, to secure the lowest possible rates and best service quality.

Waste Optimization

The cost of waste is steadily rising, so don’t throw money out with the trash. ENGIE Impact will help avoid waste containers that are overflowing or hauled away partially empty, ensuring that organizations only pay for the disposal services they receive.

Zero Waste

Wherever an organization is on the journey to waste diversion and prevention, ENGIE Impact is equipped to help with a comprehensive suite of tailored programs. ENGIE Impact Zero Waste professionals can identify opportunities to prevent waste throughout your enterprise through informed purchasing, operational changes, and recycling initiatives.

Site Service Management

ENGIE Impact handles the time-consuming task of site-by-site account opening and closing while ensuring savings are maximized by being on the correct rate schedule and negotiating deposits. Companies have the peace of mind that tasks are being handled correctly and efficiently.

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While waste disposal rates are generally on the increase nationwide, we’ve achieved cost savings in the double-digit percentages since partnering with ENGIE Impact.

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