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Consumer Goods Sector Decarbonization Challenges

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Nicolas Lefevre-Marton Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEA
Decarbonization Strategy
Consumer Goods Sector

28 June 2022 | Global

More than 3,000 companies and hundreds of major investors have joined cities and regions around the world to announce Net Zero targets, with many joining the UN’s ‘Race to Zero’ campaign. Yet ENGIE Impact’s proprietary research shows that while corporations are optimistic about their ability to decarbonize, the operational fundamentals needed to undertake a Net Zero transformation are not yet in place.

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This lack of preparedness, however, will not slow the mounting pressure on companies to significantly reduce their carbon emissions. They realize it’s high time to move from making commitments and setting targets to acquiring the capabilities to address decarbonization challenges at scale and pace.

In this podcast, Nicolas Lefevre-Marton, Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions at ENGIE Impact talks with Louise Chester, host of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Podcast, about the key takeaways from CGF’s recent Global Summit in Dublin and the main challenges companies in the food & beverage and consumer goods sector are facing as they strive to achieve Net Zero. These include:

  • Understanding renewable power options in the regions they are operating and building a renewables roadmap
  • Decarbonizing heat despite technological maturity issues and CAPEX concerns
  • Effectively engaging with their suppliers to reduce their own emissions

Nicolas also offers some critical words of advice to consumer goods companies looking to meet their decarbonization goals.

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