The Path to Net Zero for Food & Retail

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July 14, 2021 | Region: EMEA

Food and retail businesses are at risk of disruption due to climate change. The sector is responsible for nearly a third of the total greenhouse gas emissions (per the UN’s Special Report on Climate Change and Land). In turn, investors, regulators, and consumers have increased demand for sustainable products and operations.

Companies are increasingly setting emissions targets and positioning operations to supply products that are more climate-friendly. A Net Zero strategy is critical for the Food & Retail sector. Here’s a preview of what sector experts had to say on the path forward.

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In this Elemental Talks roundtable hosted by ‘Top 3 media influencer’ Jim McClelland, sector experts share years of practical insights, including:

  • Setting realistic emission reduction goals
  • Technology and operation considerations
  • Leveraging innovative financial models
  • Managing complex internal stakeholder environments

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