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How To Align Scope 1 & 2 Reduction With Product-Specific Net Zero Strategies

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Supply Chain Decarbonization
Net Zero Strategies

Webinar │ Held September 28, 2022

The decarbonization levers with a positive Net Present Value are typically insufficient to put companies on the right path to reach emission reduction targets. More expensive measures will have to be taken, which depend on the ability to pass on these costs downstream. The emergence of lower carbon and even Net Zero product markets are critical to creating that demand and investment signal.​

Given the overall low maturity of their customers’ scope 3 initiatives, energy-intensive companies need to take the lead in driving collaboration in their downstream supply chains.

In this one-hour discussion facilitated by Decarb Connect, Emirates Steel Arkan, Bekaert and ENGIE Impact share strategic steps for delivering real Net Zero products:

Key Takeaways

Competitive insights

Emission visibility within the supply chain

What data do you have, what do you share, what is requested? ​

Currency money growth dollar

Economics of decarbonization

What incentives truly matter in scaling up your transformation? ​

Strategy arrows 1

Optimal pathway

What is the right trade-off between overall emission reduction and low carbon/Net Zero products?​

Hands shaking

Collaboration & partnerships

How to foster collaboration and drive the necessary demand signals?​

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