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The Decarbonized Mine: From Strategy to Reality

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Webinar | Held December 12, 2023 ​

Watch ENGIE Impact's exclusive webinar, "The Decarbonized Mine: From Strategy to Reality," featuring Jonathan Mayhew, Director of Mining. In this 45-minute session, gain thought leadership and strategic insights for navigating the intricate journey towards a decarbonized mining value chain.

The mining and metals industry, responsible for approximately 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, is dynamically transforming towards decarbonization. The sector has a critical role in meeting the current demand for resources crucial for decarbonization efforts and future need that is forecasted to increase exponentially, whilst greening its own operations and new projects at the same time.

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This webinar distills the complexities of mining decarbonization, offering a consolidated view of fundamental processes and strategic insights. Topics include:

  • Scope 1, 2, and 3 relationships across the mining value chain.
  • Identifying emissions sources within mining operations.
  • Integrating emissions abatement within a solutions ecosystem.
  • Strategic considerations for business sustainability.


Jonathan Mayhew Director, Strategy & Implementation, Mining - Americas
Jasper Schrijvers Manager, Strategy & Implementation, Mining - LATAM
Melanie Wilneder Manager, Sustainability Solutions - LATAM
Amy Steel Senior Manager, Sustainability Solutions - APAC