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Society could not exist without industry and manufacturers, who convert raw materials into finished goods worldwide for a wide range of industries. To meet stakeholder expectations, they are under pressure to operate outside the traditional ‘take-make-waste’ linear production model and incorporate more circular processes that extend beyond production to the entire supply chain and how materials are sourced, produced and distributed. To manage resources and adapt to a more sustainable process, they can turn to sustainability and resource management solutions.

What Challenges Are Manufacturers Facing Today?

Manufacturers today are faced with increasing challenges when it comes to managing their resources. As high users of energy and water, which are essential to the process, as well as large generators of waste and carbon, they are challenged with continuously identifying, prioritizing and executing facility optimization projects, all while monitoring the effects of these projects on the bottom line. As one of their largest controllable expenses, energy is a critical resource to manage as well as the resulting carbon emissions. For certain sub-segments of manufacturing, unique waste and materials regulations carry the burden of risk of audits and fines for noncompliance. And to add to the complexity, manufacturers are managing stakeholder expectations to ensure goods are responsibly sourced, produced and distributed. As the industry changes and adapts to the modern age, automation and IoT-connected machines can help deliver precise data and analytics to inform more sustainable operations.

What Manufacturing Trends Support the Sustainability Transformation?

What Should Manufacturers Be Thinking About?

Some of the following actions can help manufacturers address current trends and external pressures while maximizing savings and resource efficiency.

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