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The Corporate Decarbonization Guidebook

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For organizations seeking to combat climate change and pursue corporate decarbonization, a solid foundation of knowledge on the fundamentals is crucial for success. But, too often, those tasked with leading and developing decarbonization efforts have the passion for addressing climate change but lack the tools for how to best educate themselves, enlist their peers and convince their corporate leadership.

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The Corporate Decarbonization Guidebook is a key resource for organizations seeking guidance on the basics of establishing a unified approach for their decarbonization strategy. While there are differences among sectors and regions, this guidebook brings together the most common, most consistent, and most relevant aspects of corporate decarbonization so sustainability officers everywhere — whether in formal title or in personal passion — can make sustainability happen for their organization today.

This guidebook provides a combination of helpful insight and actionable takeaways that will equip sustainability leaders with both the knowledge of what needs to be done and how it can be achieved.

Key Insights Include:

  • The Basics of Climate Science
  • Climate Scenario Modeling
  • Key Climate Terminology
  • Implementation
  • Establishing the Motivator for Decarbonization
  • Decarbonization Governance, Alignment, and Education
  • Current State Assessment

  • Setting Emissions Targets and Corporate Goals
  • Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • Reporting and Communication

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