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Paige Janson

Paige Janson

Chief Operating Officer, Sustainable Resource Management

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As Chief Operating Officer, Sustainable Resource Management, I am responsible for the success of our newly combined resource data management and sustainability services organizations, positioning ENGIE Impact to serve our clients on their zero carbon journeys. I oversee our Global Operations teams in the United States and Europe, our Sales and Client Management organizations, and our Business Product, Finance and Quality & Learning.

In what way do you and the teams you lead further contribute to ENGIE Impact’s mission to accelerate sustainable transformation?

The Sustainable Resource Management team supports our clients by identifying, aggregating, and organizing the data that is critical to their sustainability efforts. Data is leveraged for driving energy efficiency projects, calculating carbon baselines, and reporting on site-level performance. This foundation of data enables action on global sustainable strategies, projects and business processes that reduces our clients’ environmental impact while realizing economic growth, driven by our client teams both vertically and industry-focused.

What does success at ENGIE Impact look like?

Our success is reflected in our client's success—how they build sustainability into their operations, the amount of carbon they remove from their operations, and the amount of money they save on utilities and resources to spend on other initiatives.

How did your background prepare you for this role at ENGIE Impact?

I have been part of ENGIE for nearly 15 years, holding several positions across the organization in sales and operations. The experience of watching our company grow and change gives me great perspective as we continue to deliver the solutions that our clients need to enable their sustainability journey.

  • Since February of 2018 I have served as Chief Commercial Officer for ENGIE Insight, responsible for all client management, sales, and marketing efforts. I focused on all aspects of client needs and led as both a client advocate and developer of new solutions around sustainability and demand side management.
  • Prior to serving as Chief Commercial Officer, I’ve steadily grown as Vice President, Sales & Client Management; Vice President, Resource Management Solutions; Senior Director, Financial Planning, Energy Analytics, and Integrated Solutions; Director, Client Financial Planning and Energy Analytics; and Manager, Client Relations.

What do you like to do when you’re not in the office?

When I’m not working, I spend time with my husband and our three kids, travel to the beach, and enjoy time in our city of Cincinnati, Ohio.