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Energy Efficiency Program Implementation

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For global organizations with resource-intensive operations, energy efficiency is critical to reduce costs and emissions. However, most companies lack the right financing solutions and localized knowledge to execute energy efficiency programs at scale.

Organizations with distributed sites often treat each location independently, minimizing energy efficiency program scalability, and return on investment. Energy audits often stem from corporate, standardized plans, which neglect local conditions and site-specific expertise. Consequently, these programs can fail to identify opportunity areas and empower site-level teams. Organizations miss out on nimble energy and cost savings, lacking the tools to invite input and identify trends across their entire portfolio and the expertise to craft custom, cost-effective energy efficiency program implementation solutions.

What is an Energy Efficiency Program?

How Do You Implement Energy Efficiency Programs at Scale?

Organizations must adopt proven methodologies to empower their employees and shift mindsets toward bolstering site-level capabilities to identify cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities. Through comprehensive workshops and training programs, teams are equipped to develop actionable roadmaps and improve on-site energy efficiency. As a result, companies can further maximize resource efficiency in terms of time, effort, and capital to achieve their full energy efficiency potential–while securing deep savings now and years into the future.

Optimize Energy Efficiency Across Your Portfolio

ENGIE Impact’s proprietary approach takes an integrated, holistic look at your facilities. Together, we'll analyze every scenario to arrive at the best investment decisions to optimize your energy consumption. Our sustainability consultants serve as an extension of your team to measure, design, and implement actionable energy efficiency initiatives, driving savings back to the bottom line. At the conclusion of this process, companies are equipped with a fully funded, actionable sustainability roadmap ready to be implemented.

ENGIE Impact's Energy Efficiency Program Implementation Services Can Help

Designed for globally distributed organizations, our continuous energy efficiency excellence program offers unparalleled oversight and return on investment (ROI) in global energy management.


week energy efficiency training program to empower your team


cataloged solutions to help teams identify efficiency projects


cost reduction identified at 1,200+ factories in 28 countries


price guarantee that workshop costs don't exceed energy savings

Achieve Your Organization's Full Energy Savings Potential

Build Your Team's Capacity To Identify And Execute Projects

Leverage Best-In-Class Expertise For World-Class Energy Management

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