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Net Zero Factory/Site Solution

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Why are industrial organizations falling short in decarbonizing their resource-intensive operations? While simple and isolated solutions have produced incremental results, meaningful emissions reduction through a structured roadmap is complex.

Moving beyond quick wins while navigating the uncertainty of future regulations and energy markets are common challenges for organizations that are further exacerbated by a lack of stakeholder alignment at the corporate and site level.

What is a Net Zero Factory?

Why is a Net Zero Factory Strategy Important?

Net Zero operations across production sites require a shift toward holistic and integrated solutions. Many industrial organizations evaluate the potential of technologies on a standalone basis, while there are important synergies between technologies that can be taken advantage of to accelerate decarbonization goals.

A Net Zero factory uses this integrated approach to tackle the decarbonization of complex, resource-intensive operations, giving organizations the ability to think strategically about their Net Zero strategy. When the strategy is no longer reactive, organizations can access benefits, including:

Future-Proof Plants

Enable stakeholders to make informed technology and asset decisions, offering a clear representation of next-generation technologies and their evolving cost curves. This forward-looking and flexible approach provides visibility of the full pathway to the desired end state, avoiding wrong turns and lock-ins along the way.

Least-Cost Optimal Roadmap

Develop a least-cost pathway that reduces emissions, addresses operational constraints, and minimizes the total cost of ownership. Unlock continued cost synergies as efforts scale across the wider manufacturing footprint.

Achievable Investment Plans

Develop an investment plan that maximizes asset yield, captures subsidy potential and identifies third-party financing solutions. Investment plans are fully funded and built with the flexibility to adjust your strategy annually as conditions change.

ENGIE Impact’s Net Zero Factory Solution

Through our proprietary Net Zero Factory solution, we take an integrated, holistic view of your facilities, analyze all possible scenarios, and define the best possible investment decisions to achieve the emission-reduction goals for your site. After this process is complete, you will have a fully actionable and technically detailed roadmap — including a realistic, achievable funding model — to ensure the seamless implementation from a single site to your entire portfolio.

How We Do It

Ambition Setting & Stakeholder Engagement

Site Potential Assessment: Identifying Emissions-Reduction Levers

Pathway Definition: Finding the Best Options

Financing & Contracting: Securing Funding and Minimizing Risk

Actionable Roadmap: Make It Happen

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