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Waste Expense Management

The foundation of any successful waste expense management program is reliable and timely vendor payment. ENGIE Impact offers the experience of managing a waste services portfolio that represents more than 55,000 sites and $260 million in annual spend, along with decades of experience processing millions of utility bills, to ensure that vendors are accurately compensated for their services while relieving administrative burdens.

The Problem

Tracking waste service invoice data and conducting comprehensive audits to ensure service level and billing accuracy is labor-intensive, and it’s a task that often falls outside the scope of the accounts payable department. Dealing with waste billing mistakes and service level discrepancies often becomes a reactive task, if those mistakes and discrepancies are caught at all.

The Solution

Paying waste and utility bills on time is only the beginning. ENGIE Impact’s Waste Expense & Data Management solution captures bills, analyzes them, fixes them, reports on them and pays them on time. Integrated waste analysis, combined with pre-and post-payment audits, result in the most robust waste bill audit practices in the industry. The ENGIE Impact Data Management Platform then seamlessly integrates the cost categories of waste, energy, water, and telecom resources into one intuitive reporting and analysis tool. Continuous reporting also allows accounts payable professionals to easily communicate waste cost trends to key stakeholders.

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