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Supply Chain Sustainability Challenges Facing The Consumer Goods Industry

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Mark Chadwick Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions ENGIE Impact EMEA
Value Chain
Sustainability Strategy

1 October 2021 | Region: EMEA

The role of digital tools and stakeholder collaboration for sustainability transformation success.

On average, 90% of a company’s total carbon footprint comes from Scope 3 emissions. With the growing climate urgency, building a more resilient supply chain strategy is an inevitable challenge for business to tackle. And yet, despite the importance of supplier engagement, less than 20% of major businesses plan to partner with their suppliers to drive decarbonization efforts. The difficulty lies in improving transparency and incentivizing actions with related stakeholders.

In this podcast with The Consumer Goods Forum, our Managing Director, Mark Chadwick discusses the complexity and dynamic characteristics of value chains as he walks through some of the key factors for the implementation of a successful sustainability strategy. And whilst there is no easy pathway, a good understanding of the following questions could create a significant impact:

  • What are the most recurring supply chain sustainability challenges?
  • How can technology, especially digital tools, be leveraged to address these critical challenges?
  • Why are collaboration and events important to drive positive changes for businesses, people and the planet?

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