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Distributed Energy Resources Opportunity Assessment

A growing number of organizations are taking advantage of distributed energy resources (DERs). DERs are a new category of energy sources and technologies that includes on- and off-site renewables such as solar and wind and the integration of onsite energy generation, storage, and demand management technologies. DERs present renewables-conscious organizations an opportunity to optimize their energy strategies for both cost efficiency and environmental footprint reduction. The benefits of employing DERs as part of an energy procurement mix, however, are significantly variable. Making them work requires careful attention to how they fit into an organization's energy requirements, corporate risk tolerance, and procurement strategy.

ENGIE Impact’s deep expertise in market-specific energy procurement and DER opportunity assessments helps accelerate the cost-effective acquisition of renewables that lessen environmental impacts, minimize exposure to market-based risk, and reduce energy costs. ENGIE Impact helps organizations maintain a clear, actionable roadmap and consistent support to achieve these goals.

After a thorough review of financial requirements and key buying principles and goals related to DERs, ENGIE Impact’s experts evaluate on organization's portfolio to track market-specific DER opportunities that align with their strategy. We then develop a DER roadmap, track progress, and regularly refresh the opportunity pipeline as markets evolve.

As an independent third party, ENGIE Impact maintains a curated pool of cost-competitive DER providers with distinctive competencies by region and offer structures. ENGIE Impact negotiates client-favorable contract terms and continually evaluates procurement offers in support of client goals—whether specific vendor-driven opportunities or full-fledged RFPs across multiple regions.

DERs are an increasingly important piece of the energy procurement puzzle. ENGIE Impact’s experts are poised to help clients determine how they can drive down costs, minimize risk, and improve their environmental footprint.

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