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Waste Procurement

Multi-site businesses are tasked with the procurement and oversight of waste disposal services from a myriad of haulers, making it difficult to ascertain the best pricing and service quality. Utilizing a proprietary rate book developed from the 60,000 sites we manage, and vast a network of over 5,500 haulers, ENGIE Impact ensures that organizations receive superior service at a great price.

As an independent third party working on clients' behalf, ENGIE Impact shoulders the burden of hauler contract negotiation, secures the lowest possible rates, and ensures ongoing service provider compliance. Leveraging an extensive vendor database, ENGIE Impact is prepared to select the best mix of national, regional, and local haulers to maximize financial gains while meeting increasingly complex waste diversion expectations.

This waste procurement solution will help companies:


When ENGIE Impact waste audits identify opportunities for efficiency and sustainability improvements at specific facilities, we’re able to quickly exploit those efficiencies on a larger scale by rolling them out to other communities with similar footprints.

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