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Caesars Entertainment Hits Sustainability Jackpot

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The Challenge

With more than 50 destinations, 39,000+ hotel rooms, 300+ restaurant and dining outlets, and 200+ nightlife venues globally, Caesars Entertainment is one of the most geographically diverse entertainment companies in the world. When the company first set forth aggressive sustainability goals in 2007, leadership executives knew that achieving these goals across such a complex organization would be no simple task.

As the organization has grown, so have its sustainability initiatives – and corresponding complexity. Caesars was even one of the first organizations that committed to science-based targets, demanding an even greater commitment to data quality and discipline. To achieve its aggressive environmental goals, Caesars Entertainment turned to ENGIE Impact for help.

gradient-quote Caesars Entertainment destinations are unique in that we have casino space, hotel rooms, restaurants, shopping outlets, and event arenas, all under one roof. Our facilities require a partner that is proficient in understanding the challenges faced by all these business types – but rolled into one. ENGIE Impact has the breadth and depth of experience to partner with to help us be successful. gradient-quote-right
Eric Dominguez, VP Facilities, Engineering & Sustainable Operations

The Solution

With over four years of partnership, Caesars has engaged ENGIE Impact’s team of industry-leading carbon, energy, and waste experts to provide data-driven insights and expertise to achieve aggressive goals. Some highlights of the partnership include:

Efficient and accurate collection, tracking, and monitoring of energy, water, waste, and emissions data. ENGIE Impact’s utility expense and data-management service helped aggregate portfolio-wide data to deliver the essential foundation to baseline and track performance to reduction goals.

End-to-end Waste Management: Using portfolio-wide data, site-specific insights, and ENGIE Impact’s expertise, Caesars designed a spectrum of diverse programs to address recycling, organics, waste prevention, asset recovery, and employee and guest engagement.

Current state assessment to understand waste generation, Caesars invested in high-quality data that would show a 360° view of waste opportunities, including:

  • Waste invoice data management – A consistent, cross-portfolio view of waste details that matter, such as tonnage and haul frequency
  • Waste Audits- Deep dives into dumpsters and across site operations revealed items that could be recycled, composted, or repurposed
  • Technology – Compactor sensors to monitor waste levels, identifying opportunities to reduce haul frequency
  • Regulations and Vendor Assessments – Matching local regulations to available composting or recycling vendors
gradient-quote There was no centralized, aggregate reporting effort, so we were unable to make an accurate assessment of our progress. In addition to this decentralization, we realized that not everything being diverted, particularly organics, was being reported. Diversion opportunities are very location-specific, and with properties all over the country, we anticipate that we’ll run into situations where certain composting or recycling opportunities might not be available,[ENGIE Impact’s network and knowledge helped alleviate that burden]. I communicate with my project lead at ENGIE Impact at least once per week, and when I need a vendor for diversion of a certain material at a certain property, [they take] the lead on finding it. gradient-quote-right
Jeff Ruskowitz, Director Sustainable Operations at Caesars

Execution: Using insights to build innovative programs. Caesars wide-reaching programs reduced waste generation, made recycling intuitive and uncovered creative ways to donate or repurpose items – greatly enhancing diversion rates and saving millions.

  • Implemented a single-stream recycling program at loading docks to separate recycled materials from trash and to regain silverware and other reusable items from accidentally entering our waste streams
  • Conducted an enterprise-wide review of waste transportation and installed 16 pressure monitors in trash compactors at 11 properties that notify waste haulers when full
  • Established baseline food waste data in Las Vegas to measure and accelerate progress going forward
  • Engage employees with competitions to collect partially used soaps for donations, reduce organics waste in kitchens, and even apply efficiency practices at home
  • Make it easy for guests with opt-out programs for housekeeping, single-stream recycling, and convenient, well-labeled bins
  • Donated furniture from hotel rooms undergoing refurbishment, both to support our neighboring communities and also to save the items from ending up in landfill

Robust GHG Emissions Accounting and Disclosure to CDP: Leveraging ENGIE Impact’s CDP-accredited Carbon Manager software and a team of disclosure experts, Caesars was able to confidently and accurately track, measure and manage its GHG emissions using a consistent, proven methodology backed by verifiable data. With ENGIE Insight’s support, and Caesars history of environmental commitment and performance, the hospitality leader was able to achieve a perfect 100 disclosure score by providing more compelling, qualitative responses to the 2015 CDP Climate Change questionnaire. For the 2016 CDP Climate Change response, Caesars challenged itself to go another step further. Building on an already strong response, Caesars leveraged ENGIE Impact’s expertise to develop and report its first-ever science-based carbon target aligned with the Paris Agreement, earning the highest possible score – a perfect A – and a place on the coveted CDP Climate A-List.

The Results

  • 79% achieved of 2025 Science-Based Target
  • 23.7% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions since 2011
  • A-List CDP
  • 49% of waste diverted from landfills in 2018
  • 10% absolute water consumption reduction since 2008
  • 100% of North American owned or managed hotel resort properties achieved a 4 Green Key rating or higher

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