Climate Week NYC: Actions and Aspirations

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Mathias Lelievre Chief Executive Officer
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Climate Week NYC brings business leaders together to discuss a sustainable future and what it takes to get it done. Our CEO, Mathias Lelievre, discusses the importance of Climate Week and the imperative of growing our sustainable future at speed and scale.

Video Transcript

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Climate Week NYC means two things. First, a lot of excitement comes with being around so many business and political leaders from around the world focused on climate action. And second, we have been a partner of Climate Week for four years, and there is a sentimental note to come back and make sure we continue the great dialogue here in New York City.

What I would like to see achieved this Climate Week in New York City, is more action. We already have the commitment and the political support, but there is a gap between commitment and action. There are so many things happening across the globe that are going in the right direction, but how do we scale this climate action? We need to go at the right speed, but we are currently off pace. So, that is what I would like to see as the outcome of our conversation this week in New York.

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