Vincent Manier

Vincent Manier

Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions-APAC

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As CFO, I lead the finance teams that manage the financial performance of ENGIE Impact across a global and highly dynamic environment. I also lead the creation of Sustainability Solutions for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, where we will engage, advise and accompany both public organizations and companies in their sustainability transformation.

In what way do you and the teams you lead further ENGIE Impact’s mission to accelerate sustainable transformation?

Our finance teams support the company’s mission by developing innovative business models and competitive client solutions while overseeing our investment in technology, talent and new markets. Our focus is on linking sustainability with finance, in particular by focusing on innovative, tailor-made business models such as financing solutions “as a service.”

Our APAC team leverages deep technical expertise (such as decarbonization roadmaps, engineering solutions, data centers and sustainable urban design) at a regional level while applying a global mindset to employ best practices across our portfolio worldwide.

What does success at ENGIE Impact look like?

Success will be quickly developing and implementing at scale the right regional and global solutions that will help our clients accelerate their sustainability transformation.

How did your background prepare you for this role at ENGIE Impact?

I’ve built my experience in the corporate finance industry and global organizations over more than 15 years, which gave me the opportunity to tackle global challenges and experience living in many countries. I particularly enjoyed living in Asia for five years, which is a natural fit for leading the strategy for sustainability solutions in APAC.

  • I began my time with ENGIE Group in 2008, serving as Financial Advisor for more than five years before serving as Deputy CFO for ENGIE UK. In 2016 I was appointed CFO of ENGIE Insight.
  • Prior to ENGIE, I was with Carrefour Asia Holding and Carrefour China as the retail giant expanded into China. In Hong Kong as Financial Controller and M&A Analyst and then Business Controller and Pricing Manager in Shanghai City.

What do you like to do when you’re not in the office?

In my free time I enjoy running and reading about the future.