How the Catering Industry Can Reduce Costs by Being More Sustainable

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Martin Sieh COO of ENGIE Impact
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As a thriving industry with revenues of £1.4bn, the UK catering industry is no stranger to ambition. Traditionally, labour management, inventory and ambience were top priorities for the industry due to the importance of preserving product quality and customer loyalty. However, times are changing and sustainability is now joining those priorities at the top of the agenda.

The demand for sustainability in the catering industry is increasing as more customers base their restaurant choices on responsible sourcing and sustainable business practices. Engaging with sustainability activities could go beyond strengthening customer loyalty though – it could reduce costs too.

gradient-quote Restaurants, now more than ever, need to integrate sustainability and energy efficiency strategies into their business operations and corporate strategy. The road to sustainability is paved in data and without this foundational element restaurants cannot capitalise on all the opportunities these initiatives have to offer. gradient-quote-right
Marty Sieh, Chief Operating Officer, Sustainability Services ENGIE Impact

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