How COVID-19 Has Impacted Sustainability, Climate Change Strategies

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Mathias Lelievre Chief Executive Officer
Sustainability Goals
Sustainability Transformation
Climate Change

COVID-19 showed us that we can respond quickly to a crisis, and that industry collaboration is an achievable goal. Looking ahead, we have an opportunity to redefine our planet’s future by setting more ambitious sustainability goals and shortening the timeframe in which we deliver on them.

2020 was an unprecedented year — filled with catastrophic climate events, political turmoil, social unrest; and most notably, the COVID-19 pandemic. While this year has challenged government leaders, businesses and individuals alike, it has also driven global leaders to overhaul traditional operations and beliefs — and sustainability is becoming a growing priority on the executive agenda.

While conversations surrounding sustainability took place throughout the year, September’s Climate Week made an especially large impact on current efforts. The event took place under the lens of this fraught global environment — with political and corporate leaders coming together to discuss the overarching impact climate action will have on society, and how to push progress in the coming year.

For corporate and government organizations to accomplish the ambitious goals that were set throughout 2020, we must examine COVID-19’s effect on sustainability and climate change efforts further; as well as discuss how climate action must evolve on a global scale in 2021 and beyond.