ENGIE Impact Develops Methodology to Measure the Decarbonization of Clients

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Develops Methodology
Measure Decarbonization

ENGIE has announced this week a new methodology, developed by experts from ENGIE Impact on behalf of ENGIE Group and its associated partners and in collaboration with the WBCSD to measure the decarbonization of customers. This methodology will provide a reliable metric to determine the decarbonization potential of products and services to better inform innovation and technology in any sector. Today, this will be a tool for progressive companies to accelerate their decarbonization influence, however, it is anticipated this reporting will become a requirement for greenhouse gas (GHG) corporate strategies within this decade.

Expectations for corporations to decarbonize have swiftly evolved from a ‘nice to have to be front and center of the C-Suite agenda.

While the ambitions to date have been primarily contained to within corporates' operations and footprint, we have seen this expectation for decarbonization expanding beyond their walls to how companies can influence decarbonization across their value chain. However, to increase our chances to stay below the 1.5-degree goal, companies should not only focus on reducing their footprint and the footprint of their supply chain but need to accelerate the rollout of products and services which effectively contribute to the decarbonization of their clients.

Learn more about the decarbonization of clients guiding principles here.

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