ENGIE Impact Achieves Carbon Negative Goal

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Carbon Negative
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Special Announcement from Christine Uri, Chief Sustainability & Legal Officer, ENGIE Impact

Sustainability transformation is at ENGIE Impact’s core and we know that we can’t achieve transformation for our clients unless we set bold goals and demonstrate action when it comes to our own corporate sustainability. Two years ago, we set science-based goals and began a journey that leveraged our own sustainability experts and engaged our stakeholders to drive the greatest impact. As a leader in sustainability transformation and emboldened by the ambition of our parent, ENGIE, to become the leader in the energy and climate transition, we challenged ourselves to achieve carbon negative as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, which called for energy efficiency, science-based reduction, and changing our ways of working.

Today, ENGIE Impact is officially carbon negative—we now avoid or remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit as of the end of 2021. While there is still work to be done to achieve global water balance and zero waste for our organization, this is a terrific accomplishment in a short time, one milestone on our way to making sustainability happen today.

gradient-quote As a leader in sustainability transformation, we knew that our approach to our own journey must drive leading-edge sustainability practices. gradient-quote-right
Christine Uri, Chief Sustainability & Legal Officer

Follow Our Progress

Read more about the steps we took to achieve carbon negative and follow our progress on our water and waste goals.