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As a client-centric company, ENGIE Impact is proactively taking steps to address and mitigate possible impacts to our global operations as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and well-being of our clients, employees, and communities are a top priority, and we are committed to being proactive, agile and responsive to our stakeholders.

As a key business partner, you rely on ENGIE Impact to manage and support your sustainability and resource programs. We are working hard to minimize any possible interruptions to our global operations while ensuring that our employees’ health and safety is at the forefront of all decisions and actions. In alignment with our pre-defined plans, we have conducted several COVID-19 Scenario Analyses to identify the various situations that could interrupt our operations and have put disaster preparedness programs in place. We have enacted redundancy measures and work-from-home practices to mitigate any disruptions in service delivery.

Our Business Continuity Plan

ENGIE Impact’s Business Continuity program encompasses three critical components: (1) Crisis Management, (2) Business Continuity, and (3) Disaster Recovery. The objective of this plan is to facilitate the continuity of critical processes while ensuring our employees' and clients' health and safety is at the forefront of all actions and decisions.

Key objectives of our business continuity plan include:

Recommended Actions

The response across the globe to COVID-19 is unprecedented and mutual cooperation is essential. While ENGIE Impact remains committed to our business operations, we encourage our clients to also take action to ensure you are prepared to continue your own business operations in the event of a disruption. Open communication will be critical to ensure we can proactively manage any issues

  1. Ensure Contact Information Is up to Date. Please reach out to your Client Representative (CR) or Client Service Director (CSD) with any updates.
  2. Establish a Back-up Contact Person. As you confirm primary contact info, please identify who can be contacted as a backup along with their information.
  3. Keep Us Appraised of Any Operational Changes.
    1. Bill Consolidations: Please be aware of operation changes that would impact consolidation funding or approvals. If you need changes to your consolidation schedule, please let us know immediately.
    2. Consider Your Energy Contracts. Contact your procurement manager so we can coordinate with your energy supplier any operational changes (e.g., store closings or reduced production) that might affect energy consumption, which could trigger changes in rates or risks to other contractual terms.
    3. Waste Services and Hauling: If you anticipate any business closure or waste service-related issues, please inform your client service team so we can be proactive and help you through the process.

If You Anticipate Interruptions

If you do anticipate interruptions to your regular business processes related to funding your resource bills, we recommend taking the following proactive steps to ensure that your bill consolidations continue to be funded and there are no resource impacts to your facilities.

Option 1: Allow ENGIE Impact To Pull Funds To Support Consolidation.

Once your bills are consolidated, ENGIE Impact can pull funds directly from your account, which does not require you to initiate the payment. To do this, download this form and return it to

Option 2: Pre-fund Consolidations.

Prefunding allows you to send a deposit that is available for ENGIE Impact to use for future payments. In this option, clients should determine what timeframe they will prefund consolidations (i.e, how many weeks or months).

If you would like to pursue a short-term pre-funding option, please contact your CR to initiate the plan.

We Are Here for You

To address specific questions and concerns or learn more about how ENGIE Impact can support your resource management during this time, please contact your Client Service Director.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has COVID-19 disrupted any product line delivery functions?

No. There has not been any disruption to any of ENGIE Impact’s global delivery functions due to COVID-19. ENGIE Impact has put in place redundancy measures and work from home practices for our key delivery functions to ensure that any disruptions caused by COVID-19 are immediately identified and mitigated.

What provisions are in place to process and pay utility bills?

Processing and paying utility bills (Expense and Data Management services) are a mission-critical process and will be prioritized, even in the event of operations with scaled-back staffing. Our primary objective is to keep critical processes running and ensure client bills are paid.

What measures is ENGIE Impact taking to ensure client safety?

ENGIE Impact has suspended all non-essential travel for the next 30 days to support global efforts to contain COVID-19 unless there are extenuating circumstances that would require executive approval. During this time there will be no in-person client meetings as we aim to ensure proper isolation measures are in place. All client meetings and communication will be done virtually. Our client teams will continue to deliver and communicate at the level to which you’ve grown accustomed, virtually through video and phone.

How will ENGIE Impact ensure project continuity if parties are unable to travel?

Our teams’ continued focus is ensuring we deliver excellence to our clients. Through proactive and consistent meetings and touch points, we do not anticipate disruption to current projects underway. Those that require on-site personnel will be coordinated with each individual client.

How will ENGIE Impact employees manage product delivery?

Our employees' safety is the top priority for ENGIE Impact. At the forefront of our Business Continuity Plan is communication and transparency to ensure our teams are equipped with information and resources to continue delivering for our clients. Some key ways we support our employees include: