Predictors of Future CO2 Success - The Essential Shifts Needed To Deliver Net Zero

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Ben Moens Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEAI
Net Zero
Energy Intensive Sectors

September 9, 2021 | Region: EMEAI

Accounting for one-third of global emissions, energy-intensive sectors like steel, mining chemicals and cement play a vital role in global warming. Rising carbon prices coupled with increased stakeholder pressure makes sustainability mandatory to protect business continuity in the long term. However, high-emission manufacturing processes are difficult to abate due to temperature requirements, long asset lifetimes and complex production schemes that require integrated on-site utilities.

In this new podcast, our Managing Director, Ben Moens talks with Alex Cameron from Decarb Connect about the real predictors of decarbonization success. Clue: it’s not just about the tech – we’re talking systemic inasmuch behavioral shifts within organizations:

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