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Financial Services

Budgeting for gas, electric and water resources presents many challenges, particularly for multi-site, geographically dispersed enterprises. Accounting for variables like fluctuations in unit pricing and weather anomalies can put strain on already limited resources and budgets.

ENGIE Impact’s Financial Services solution removes these burdens by combining resource budgeting, expert accruals, and variance analysis in a comprehensive offering, delivered through flexible online tools that simplify budget management.

Built on the robust budgets developed by ENGIE Impact’s team of energy analysts, and delivered via the Data Management Platform, ENGIE Impact’s online budgeting tools enable simple year-over-year comparison and provide flexible filters to easily review assumptions and budget calculation methodologies. Variance analysis leverages the power of ENGIE Impact’s Budgets and Accruals to intuitively reveal how organizations are performing to budget, and what’s driving any unexpected changes. These intuitive tools bring added flexibility to budget management, simplifying analysis and stakeholder communication, while carefully managing sensitive information.

ENGIE Impact’s single, comprehensive platform enables clients to easily view historic billing data, budgets, and drivers of budget variance—such as weather, unit cost fluctuation, or consumption changes—at the site or enterprise-level.


I have unlimited opportunity to forecast, budget, and manage consumption thanks to the data that ENGIE Impact empowers us with.

Dennis Calik, National Bank of Arizona

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