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Reaching global decarbonization goals requires a strong focus on reducing emissions from transportation, which includes the electrification of fleets, both public and private.

For most organizations, fleet electrification is integrated into their overall decarbonization efforts to reduce costs and emissions. To make the transition successful, organizations must use quantitative and infrastructure data to help move the business toward electric mobility.

ENGIE Impact can support organizations looking to build a fleet electrification strategy by engaging key players in the business and creating an end-to-end solution to meet your fleet electrification goals.

What is a Fleet Electrification Strategy?

Why is Fleet Electrification Important?

As climate urgency escalates, strategies to reduce carbon emissions becomes a source of resilience and competitive advantage. Lowering emissions to a manageable level, however, requires the ability to move from a theoretical embrace of the goals to detailed, actionable plans for getting there. 

From a global target perspective, over 20% of all vehicles in the US need to be electric by 2030 the 1.5% global climate goal. Fleets can immensely influence transportation sector electrification by driving scale, which contributes to reduced vehicle technology and infrastructure costs.

Benefits of Fleet Electrification

Working with a fleet electrification consultant can help you build a strategy that provides benefits to the environment and your bottom line – helping to meet the needs of your stakeholders.


of all vehicles in the US need to be electric by 2030 to align with 1.5% global emissions cap.


countries in EMEA have recently pledged to ban diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles over the next 10-20 years.


electric vehicles (EVs) will start to reach price parity without subsidies versus internal combustion vehicles in certain segments.

Economic Value

Offset Operational and Financial Risk

Accelerate GHG Emission Reductions Efforts

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