Interval Meter Data Analytics

Access and insight into portfolio-wide interval meter data is key to holistic energy management. Among other advantages, it enables the identification of energy consumption issues and anomalies, reveals opportunities for load shifting and reduction, and allows the monitoring of efficiency measure results in near real-time. However, aggregating meter data from numerous and disparate sources—and putting that data to good use—can be a cumbersome task.

The Operational Value of Interval Meter Data

With a consistent, reliable data set, organizations are equipped to streamline the operational management of energy consumption. Data collection in interval frequencies of as little as fifteen minutes ensures near real-time visibility into base loads. This allows organizations to spot potential issues such as automated control overrides, verify the effectiveness of energy reduction projects, and reveal opportunities to shift peak loads.

The integration of utility bill data with interval meter data provides a comprehensive look at usage, which enables real-time insight into how much energy facilities are using at any moment. With visibility into daily usage patterns across the site portfolio, organizations are empowered to reduce peak demand charges and identify specific facilities with the greatest potential for improvement.

Deeper Data, Deeper Returns

Many organizations already have metering systems in place, but no way to efficiently take advantage of the data those meters collect. With interval meter data, organizations can leverage both existing and new qualifying meter devices as well as direct feeds from utilities participating in programs. With that data in hand, organizations are empowered to:

Process Backed by People

Data alone cannot provide savings or improve efficiency. Organizations need dedicated expertise to review, analyze and take action on this data. For clients who may lack the internal resources or expertise to manage this themselves, ENGIE Impact’s energy management professionals can supplement and provide recommendations to improve facility performance in a timely manner and maximize cost savings.

Working as a seamless extension of internal teams, an ENGIE Impact Energy Manager, supported by a team of energy professionals, will transform this data into actionable information, identify opportunities to drive energy savings across a portfolio and work with organizations to implement cost-effective solutions that benefit the bottom line. ENGIE Impact will provide proactive, strategic insights to support best practices, enable energy efficiency improvements, and drive real savings.

When energy consumption is managed efficiently, organizations save on costs. Integrating interval meter data provides instantaneous feedback on energy-consuming assets, allowing for prompt action to minimize costs and identify opportunities.

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