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Telecom Lifecycle Management

More than ever, companies rely on their communications networks to not only keep business running smoothly, but truly, to propel business forward. But in a rapidly evolving environment, managing telecom expenses, service, inventory, vendors and contracts has become a major challenge. ENGIE Impact’s Telecom solutions give companies visibility across their network and insights about their telecom data, to optimize networks, reduce spend and increase budget certainty.

Fixed Network Management

Composed of three key services – Expense & Data Management, Service Order Management and Help Desk – ENGIE Impact addresses all the primary functions across an organization's telecom portfolio. As a trusted partner, ENGIE Impact takes responsibility to manage invoice processing and payment, build and maintain accurate inventories, manage contract libraries with expiration notifications, identify and correct billing errors, generate cost saving recommendations, handle all requests to move, add, change or disconnect services (MACD) activity, provide help desk service and much more.

Together, these telecom services drive out costs, increase the performance of networks, and improve telecom outputs across the entire business.

Wireless Network Management

As with Fixed Network Management, Wireless Network Management service covers the three major functions – Expense & Data Management, Procurement and Help Desk. ENGIE Impact provides solutions that support program managers with rate plan and usage optimization, along with detailed reporting that ties together the entire wireless landscape of vendors and services. An employee-facing portal allows businesses to link in intelligent automated, rules-driven procurement of devices and plans. Finally, the domestically-based Help Desk removes the burden of handling necessary, but distracting, support calls from individual users.

These services create a higher performing and lower cost wireless environment for organizations.

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