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Navigating the Paris Agreement and the Post-2020 Landscape

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Mobilizing Voluntary Carbon Markets to Drive Climate Action

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The voluntary carbon market is booming and is poised for further growth. Companies are setting ambitious net-zero climate goals and engaging in the voluntary market to achieve these goals not only because of increased awareness of the climate crisis but also because there is business value in doing so. At the same time, the landscape for climate action is shifting, shaped by enhanced social awareness and emerging legal obligations in international agreements – including those under the landmark Paris Agreement. Against this changing backdrop, the voluntary market remains an important mechanism to increase investment in much-needed carbon reductions and removals.

Environmental Defense Fund, in partnership with High Tide Foundation, and with expert support from ENGIE Impact, organized a dialogue series with key players in the voluntary carbon market, including environmental groups, research organizations, voluntary carbon market standards, and corporate stakeholders. This effort resulted in a set of recommendations for mobilizing voluntary carbon markets to drive climate action.

This event provides an overview of the final set of recommendations, how it relates to other voluntary carbon market efforts underway, and what it means to the voluntary carbon market participants. The event features speakers from EDF, ENGIE Impact, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), Standard Chartered Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and others.

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