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Decarbonizing Production: Making the Economics Work

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Net Zero

Region: EMEA | Held November 21, 2023

Publicly committing to Net Zero Manufacturing is a pivotal initial stride, but it's just the beginning of the comprehensive journey toward sustainable industrial transformation.

ENGIE Impact collaborated with the Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM Europe) conference to discuss ways to manage the imperative shift towards Net Zero Manufacturing and provide insight to industries that are grappling with the urgency to minimize carbon emissions.

This year’s event gathered leaders, international experts, and innovative thinkers from major organizations within the consumer, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

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During this roundtable discussion, Ben Moens, Managing Director at ENGIE Impact addresses key Net Zero manufacturing topics.

  1. Strategic Sourcing: the transition depends on access/security of supply, price, and sustainability claims which require strategic sourcing insights and decisions
  2. End-To-End Economics: the transition can fundamentally impact input and production dynamics and equally depends on capturing the demand signal and willingness-to-pay downstream
  3. Cost Competitiveness: the importance of rethinking location and supply chains
  4. Shifting from ROI to Total Cost of Ownership: the starting point is a comparison of different pathways based on a system transition approach and modeling
  5. Overcoming Investment Hurdles: taking a portfolio approach brings you further in the transition

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