The Energy Crisis for Industrials

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Alex Cameron Founder & CEO, Decarb Connect & Decarbonisation Leaders Network (DLN)
Ben Moens Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - EMEA
Net Zero
Energy Intensive Sectors

The energy crisis has forced us to balance our focus on the 3 dimensions of the energy trilemma: security of supply, affordability and sustainability. In this new podcast, our Managing Director, Ben Moens shares his observations with Alex Cameron, founder of Decarb Connect.


Listen to their podcast and reflect on the decarbonization opportunities underlying the energy crisis:

  • Observation 1: The expected natural gas price evolution strengthens the business case for more secure alternatives, and could also accelerate the energy market reform in some regions
  • Observation 2: The regulatory response to the crisis (REPowerEU, US Inflation Reduction Act, etc.) will bring limited short-term relief for industrials, but support more investments towards 2030, eventually accelerating the transition
  • Observation 3: In terms of decarbonization options, we distinguish clear winners such as energy efficiency, on-site renewables, solar thermal and electrification solutions, which companies have to scale more quickly

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