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Trends That Will Impact the Energy Market

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Region: North America | July 13, 2022

Natural gas prices have vaulted to their highest level since 2008 amid tight market conditions. What’s more, storage currently sits about 15% below the 5-year average. How will this impact your organization ahead of next winter? View on-demand for advanced insight into trends that will impact the energy market through the second half of the year.

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During this session, experts shared:

  • Why producers aren’t increasing output to reflect the current price environment
  • The forecast for LNG exports and how they’ll help Europe wean itself off Russian imports
  • Electric grid reliability concerns are adding to the premium in wholesale markets
  • Why wholesale electric markets are surging and what’s pushed renewable project costs higher
  • Recent actions by the Administration that may help ease price increases
  • Creative renewables solutions innovators are deploying to deliver on commitments

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