Making Net Zero Cities A Reality

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Amandeep Singh Bedi Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions - Southeast Asia
Net Zero Cities
City Planning

The Cities of Tomorrow Podcast – Powered by ENGIE

As countries rapidly urbanize, new cities are shaping up into hubs of economic activity. Responsible for approximately 60% of global carbon emissions, cities need to play an active role in decarbonizing and supporting the country’s Net Zero plans. In this episode of the Cities of Tomorrow podcast, powered by ENGIE, Matt Rickard speaks to Amandeep Bedi, APAC Director of Sustainable Solutions at ENGIE Impact.

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In this episode you'll learn:

  1. How city planners are envisioning their Net Zero futures, and what actions are being taken today - from rolling out Electric Vehicle infrastructure to reducing emissions from the built environment sector
  2. What is the role of city planners and the private sector and how collaboration can accelerate a decarbonized future
  3. Advantages of starting small and scaling up from precinct level to city level

The Cities of Tomorrow podcast series explores the intersection of Asia's rapid urbanization and sustainability. By 2025, 40% of Southeast Asia's population will live in cities. Innovative technologies are being applied in Smart Cities, where the quality of life must be balanced with the race toward carbon neutrality. Economic output needs to be reconciled with the need for our infrastructure to have a positive impact on our planet. Hosted by Matt Rickard, hear from sustainability experts who are pioneering The Cities of Tomorrow.

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