Is Hydrogen a Viable Fuel for the Long-Term?

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Renewable Energy

For years, hydrogen has got a bad rap but with green energy momentum in full swing, it might just be the viable fuel for the future we seek

As the international community commits to “building back better”, the search for sustainable energy has stepped up in earnest. While wind and solar have primarily drawn the most hype, there has also been growing interest in clean hydrogen, with a growing chorus of industry experts offering their views.

“Hydrogen is predicted to play a leading role in the energy transition with the “green oil of the 21st century” increasingly promoted by governments worldwide. As an alternative to fossil fuels, it could be a valuable tool for tackling climate change in future, helping many industries to reduce their CO2 emissions,” writes Allianz Risk Consulting in a risk report. DBS Group Research, on its part, sees hydrogen as a fuel source coming into the mainstream by 2030.