Mining Industry

In order to remain competitive in an evolving market and maintain their social license into the future, mining companies need to find ways to operate efficiently and sustainably. By 2030, at least 25% of mining production will be vulnerable to climate-related risks.

Mining companies see climate change as an operational risk predominantly due to water stress and floods that endanger their assets. In parallel, GHG emissions continue to accumulate, with emissions from the mining sector accounting for nearly 30% of the global total.

Recognizing growing climate-related risks and the profound impact on global emissions, investors are moving away from high-carbon assets as companies continue to invest in resilience zero-carbon solutions.

Increasing concerns for sustainability, accompanied by pressures from key stakeholders, call for accelerated sustainability transformation and greater transparency from the mining industry.

What sustainability challenges is the Mining Industry facing today?

First movers in the industry are targeting zero-carbon operations by 2030. However, many companies lack the expertise, technologies, and capital to transform at the necessary speed and scale to drive operational excellence and resilience in the global marketplace. According to ENGIE Impact's analysis of CDP reporting data, only 19% of mining companies reporting to CDP are on track to meet their sustainability goals. These companies face several challenges:


of mining is vulnerable to climate change


of a mine’s total cost of production is energy-related


of mining’s top 10 players have set sustainability targets

What should the Mining Industry be thinking about?

Accelerated sustainability transformation is crucial for mining companies to remain competitive in the future. Operating in a dynamic market, these companies must leverage digital tools and technologies to optimize operations, clean energy supply, and extend decarbonization.


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