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Companies and governments alike face increasing pressure from investors, employees, and citizens to disclose sustainability performance and demonstrate compliance. ENGIE Impact offers the tools and expertise needed to navigate the complex reporting process to help increase transparency, verify compliance, and uncover opportunities to accelerate sustainability transformations.

The Challenge

From building performance reporting to diversion requirements, emissions reporting, and health and privacy requirements, organizations face a wide range of demands for disclosure. As the need for compliance and sustainability reporting intensifies, the complexity of evolving requirements continues to increase – making it difficult to adequately disclose performance.

The Solution

Leveraging a deep knowledge of sustainability reporting frameworks and global regulations, ENGIE Impact positions organizations to navigate the ever-changing compliance and certification requirements. With sophisticated tracking and reporting tools and deep expertise, ENGIE Impact streamlines the reporting process, to help organizations increase transparency, benchmark performance, and uncover opportunities to accelerate their sustainability transformations.

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