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Renewable Energy Program

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After reviewing renewable energy options and identifying preferred solutions, successfully implementing those solutions can be challenging.

Renewable energy buyers must first identify the best partners, with the best projects, and the most favorable commercial terms. After identifying favorable projects, buyers must then earn executive or board-level approval to move forward with preferred projects. And then, finally, buyers must successfully navigate a challenging and often unfamiliar contract negotiation process.

What is Renewable Energy Implementation?

The Benefits of Renewable Energy

While renewable energy is not the only method to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is the most scalable. Incorporating renewable energy into your energy portfolio is most likely the quickest way to reduce both the greenhouse gas emissions that your organization discloses and those that are emitted into our atmosphere. Renewable energy solutions can also be implemented without capital expenditures, and several types of renewable energy solutions can be implemented on accelerated timelines.

ENGIE Impact’s Renewable Energy Program

ENGIE Impact is a market leader in global renewable energy program implementation. Our four offerings in renewable energy allow us to support clients from strategy to implementation.

1. Implementation Strategy

2. Renewable Energy Sourcing

3. Financial and Risk Analysis

4. Project & Performance Management

Achieve Your Renewable Energy Goals

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