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A holistic sustainability strategy goes beyond setting an aggressive target. ENGIE Impact combines business and technical expertise with digital tools to develop a customized roadmap, tailored to the unique needs of an organization’s business model, structure and objectives.

The Challenge

When an organization starts on its sustainability transformation, the road can take many unexpected turns. To successfully deliver outcomes on time and on budget, organizations need a phased plan that outlines actionable steps toward integrating the right technologies, unlocking financing, and breaking down organizational silos.

The Solution

ENGIE Impact learns the intricacies of an organization and pairs those insights with deep technical knowledge to develop a results-focused sustainability action plan based on proven technologies, financing mechanisms, and organizational coordination. By accounting for their overarching global strategy, as well as the local nuances of site needs, regulations and market conditions, ENGIE Impact offers confidence that can only come from a validated, data-driven roadmap that all key stakeholders believe in.

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