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Current State Assessment

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Effective plans always start with a baseline. To gain a holistic understanding of an organization’s current state, ENGIE Impact uses data, analytics and technical expertise to benchmark sustainability initiatives against competitors in the industry, assess regulations that have an impact, and help understand relevant technologies and trends - providing rich insight and context.

The Challenge

Too often, an organization’s sustainability data is siloed from larger initiatives and organizational strategies, making it difficult to gain a clear understanding of where they are and where they can go.

The Solution

ENGIE Impact leverages one of the world’s largest datasets of energy, water and waste usage to provide companies with a clear picture of sustainability performance, where the gaps and opportunities are, and how their sustainability efforts stack up in the market. Combined with a company’s assessment of market conditions, environmental pressures, and regulatory risks, ENGIE Impact uncovers opportunities to shape and accelerate their sustainability transformation.

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