ASHE Lunch & Learn: Your Prescription for Energy Management Excellence

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March 11, 2021

Your Prescription for Energy Management Excellence

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Healthcare networks are complex, dynamic and have various stakeholders that are all focused on providing top-notch patient care. However, to provide that top-notch patient care, it is critical that facility managers and engineering teams deliver on energy management KPIs to achieve the reliability and affordability healthcare organizations seek. Managing energy usage, identifying initiatives that provide cost savings, increasing energy efficiency and securing financing is no easy task. These tasks take time, extensive budgeting, a team of experts and buy-in from various stakeholders.

There are varying degrees of maturity when it comes to creating and implementing an energy management strategy. During this webinar, we explored the barriers healthcare networks face at each stage and discussed the strategies to overcome them so you can advance your energy management strategy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify where your healthcare network sits on the Sustainable Resource Maturity Scale when it comes to energy management.
  • Discover action items for overcoming the most common barriers in energy management.
  • Implement energy efficiency projects at speed and at scale to drive results.
  • Develop a strategy to leverage digital tools like remote audits and near-real-time performance insights to meet KPIs more efficiently.
  • Navigate multiple sources of portfolio-wide data to make data-driven decisions that will aid project prioritization.

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