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Decarbonizing the Downstream Oil & Gas Sector

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Oil & Gas Sector

Keynote Address on Decarbonisation Journey for Asian Refiners

26 October 2021 | Region: Asia-Pacific

The oil and gas sector, directly and indirectly, contributes to over 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions and continues to face pressure from all stakeholders.

Companies are responding to these pressures by setting emissions reduction and other sustainability targets—but this is not enough. We are still on track to burn through the sector’s 1.5 degree Celsius carbon budget just through the top 100 companies in the sector.

ENGIE Impact’s Malavika Bambwale gave a keynote address at the recent Asian Downstream Summit where she shared what Oil & Gas players must do to adapt to a changing world.

In this keynote address we explore how:

  • a phased approach can be used to navigate decarbonisation
  • solutions in the short-term can provide efficiency and monetary gains, refineries must plan for mid-and long-term solutions that have a favourable outlook as projected by trends
  • existing pilot projects for complex solutions can be replicated to accelerate adoption of high-impact solutions

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