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Held December 15, 2020 | Region: North America

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As we approach the end of a not-so-normal year, our energy team will catch you up on energy markets trends, pricing, the current state of supply and demand, and how COVID-19 has disrupted data, forecasts and facility operations for next year. As you look to settle your budget, demand forecasts, and facility focus, this webinar will help prepare you and your organization for whatever is coming next.

You’ll walk away from this webinar with key insights:

  • Learn how wholesale natural gas prices, particularly within the liquefied natural gas export arena, are now recovering after production and demand declines this year. These dynamics worked to tighten the supply and demand balance as we head into the peak winter months, so we’ll discuss how this could potentially lead to higher volatility.
  • Prepare for the impacts of weather. Forecasts are calling for colder conditions this winter season. We’ll discuss the likelihood of La Niña influencing weather patterns and how to prepare.
  • Learn what impacts COVID-19 has had on energy consumption, which influences data and forecasts. We'll discuss the need for non-COVID affected data, what industries were hardest hit by lockdowns and restrictions, and the possibilities for updating baseline normalized data as we move forward in the new normal.
  • Discuss how facilities’ energy efficiency strategies are impacted by COVID-19 through unique industry considerations and how you can identify risks and opportunities in your portfolio. By shifting demands from the need for cost savings with the must for customer and employee safety, how should your sites respond and what tools are available to support your on-site changes.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Jonathan Lee, Joe Singleton and Renee Gastineau, which will help you get a full understanding of energy market trends and what you can do to better prepare for 2021.

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